Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of most beautiful things about spending time in Asia is the immediate contact that one establishes with the raw materials. Silk in Assam, sandalwood in Karnataka, spices in Kerala, or the fish markets of Sri Lanka, they enter you through all the senses, nothing is hidden, packaged or transformed, things are pure and unforgettable.

But now we are in wool country, the weather is still very cold; without central heating our bodies are screaming for angora.

Himachal used to be (and might still be) India's largest angora producer, a few years back prices dropped to some ridiculously low levels and many farmers were forced to close shop. Some of the farmers that held on to their rabbits, started cutting their fibers every 8 weeks in order to keep up with the feed bills. Needless to say, even here, it is sometimes hard to find good quality fiber.

We encountered a few minor problems (the next bridge was actually not that far away, but my vain self could not resist this picture) on our way to Mr. Lal's farm. He has been raising German angora rabbits for the past 15 years, which makes him one of the oldest angora breeders in the area. He will supply the angora for our modest spinning projects, and wait 90 days between shearings. For our part, we will support him any way we can.

I have been to a few angora farms in my life, but have never seen one as clean and idyllic as this one. Congratulations sir!

His rabbits.............

.....live on this farm....

....in the beautiful, but steep Lag Valley....Please enjoy, a few pictures of this secluded piece of heaven....

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