Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just for Fun.....

The weather is finally a bit warmer. This means that we started mordanting our yarns for this spring's knits and weaves.

We also took the time to do some spring cleaning (before it freezes again) and organize our dye stock, which includes things we found at the markets and picked locally during the last few weeks. This gave us the following idea.....

In appreciation to our supportive group of followers we have decided to hold a little contest. Pictured below you will find some of the substances we will be working with during the next few months. Can you identify them?

The highest score will win one of our checkered handspun, cashmere top scarfs, second price is a fawn colored, hand-dehaired, hand-spun cashmere scarf and third is about 100 grams of our hand-spun, white, angora-merino blend yarn, from the farm pictured a few days back.

Here are the pictures. Please consult the rules and links to the prizes below.












1. Only subscribers to the blog can participate and win.
2. The winner will be announced here on the 28th. of February.
3. 3 prizes will be awarded. In case of a tie (or ties), Dominique will draw the names out of a hand spun, hand knitted, naturally dyed hat.
4. In some cases I only know the Latin name, in others only the Hindi or English. In case there are doubts, or lingering questions, the proof is in the dye-pot and the behavior of each dye will be pictured with 3 or 4 different mordants and on plain wool.
5. Any blog foller can participate, with the exception of those who have visited our Manali stiudio in 2011.
6. There are no other rules so far.

Please have fun and participate, you might know more than you think. Even if you do not win, it will be a fun experience.

And finally, here are the prizes......

1. Scarf made of hand-spun, Ladakhi cashmere top, very soft and fine
2. Scarf made of hand-dehaired and hand-spun Ladakhi cashmere wool. This is more of a traditional piece that can be found in areas Tibet or Ladakh, it has a higher hair content and a  bit of scratch (not much), but is pure cashmere nevertheless. The piece pictured is top, but the hand-cleaned ones look exactly the same.
3. 100 grams of our white angora-merino two-or-three-ply hand-spun yarn. Leave it natural or dye it yourself please. No pictures yet, but the rabbits were pictured last week and the wool is getting carded. Promise it will be spun and plied before the end of the month.

Please enjoy!!!!!


  1. Wow! I love all those natural dyes! Do you sell them?

  2. not for the moment ann.
    i would like to one day, but it is just a question of priorities.
    but if you need something that i have access to please write.....i do not mind looking for it and shipping it.
    we still have lots of dyes readily available here. who knows how long that will last


  3. sorry, cannot follow you, don't use google but will check back occasionally, the blog is great, I love that you are going to put photos of the dye colors with the raw material! Thank you for documenting!

  4. thanks deb, i do hope you will check in in the future.
    the weather here took another bad turn so it will slow us down a little...

  5. hi Jarek,
    i have some of nÂș9 given to me by my ex hairdresser. could you please tell me what they are? she couldn't say, she only knew they gave color.

  6. neki,
    my #9 was one of the trick questions....
    it was simple apple bark.
    btw, i forgot to mtntion it previously, but it was kris nordello that won this contest...she got about 80%. which was pretty impressive...
    all best,